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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  July 11, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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we took he kids in to the basement and made sure everything was okay and i called theepolice. >> bullets fll in to the wwndow of a child's bedroom. who was shot and why neighbors say they're not surprised by the violence. nice and clear out there today. plenty of sunshine. we
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live in high-definition from wbff tv this baltimore, this is ffo 45 news at 10:00. good evening. i'm jennifer it's been almost a week star waa gunned down near his northeast baltimore home. tonight police are still searching for his killer. how his family is is preparing -pto say goodbye. >>reporter: she seems to be holding up well, nearly a week affer her grandson, 17-year old john crowder, was murdered. >> the people have come and 3 1 pupport the. i appreciate all of it. i really do. >>reporter: a mount carmel high school basketball star was gunned down july 5th, a few blooks away from his grandmother's northeast
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baltimore home. though he struggled to stay out of the streets, the 6-7 crowder had preams of playing professional bbsketball and was being scouted by colleges across the % country. >> he said, "i'm goinggto play professional basketball and i'' going to buy my grandmother a brand-new house and move her out of the ghetto." >>reporter: she says her prandson was supposed to play in a basketball tournament thii week in texas. she aid some of his teammates were so upset
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a woman flips her car while driving on to the beltway and is killed.. state police say 48-year ood -- was driviig her red chevy camaro when she lost control. a baltimore woman is killed in a crash in delaware. 24-year oll meliisa was killed when she crashed head-on in bridgeville. she crosssd the
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a what huge differeene a sunny today. not the and oppressive heattthat we had to 1 deel with last week. ain fell on most of the reeion yesteeday, even causing flooding in ocean city. michael sent us these pictures of 142nd street off coastal highwaa in ocean city. when weather hits where you live,
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late afternoon headed our way. 83 in baltimore. 82 in ddc. looking at 77 in haggerssown.
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soccer. bruce cunningham joins us with the ssory.
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>> thank you, bruce. soccer fans travelled to south africa for today's world-cup fiial match. it's possible we could experience the same excitemmnt in baltimore in the futtre. outside of the stadium with ht % more on baltimore's bid to host the 2018 world cup. meeinda? >>reporter: well, that's right. mntbaak stadium could host a different kind of football if the city can persuade orranizers to host the game
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here. in the meantime, soccer fans got their kick today watch tg on tv. it's the sound f soccer takinggcenter stage at baltimore's inner harbbr, where fans of spain and the netherlands are gathered around a big screen to watch the single biggest game on earth. >> everybody is talking about the game, but for intl fans this, is football at its finest. p> i grew up play tchlth i sttrted playing when i was great game. it's taken a while >>reporter: -- it's time to bring it to baltimore.. >> i'd love to go. i think it
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would bb great for the city.. % >>reporter: last year at mnt bankkstadium, charm city showed ttue soccer spirit. >> louisiana residents hopeful the disaster in the gulf will soon come o an end. bp's lltest effort to contain more
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call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance. it is day 83 of the disaster in the gulf. looking live at underwater cammer awe've got a different picture % from what we're used to seeing. there appears to be movement.
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>>reporter: bp says everything is going according to plan to fit a new, tighter cap on to the oil well. crews had to removed old cap saturday and allow more oil to freely gush in to the gulf. an intentional >>reporter: the broken well is spug 1.5 to 2.5 million gallonn
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of oil a day. the old cap was collecting half of that. the new one will be able to capture essentially all the leaking oil, but for residents who live (cheering). >> jimmy buffet performing bachl a coocert to benefit the
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clean-up effort. jimmy buffet was aised in alabama and ended up in key west. his roots in the gulf run deep. >> i mean, yeah. e've got problems, but people are dealing with it and it's still a nice place to come. we wanted to give the gulf shores -pan economic boost. >> about 33,,00 people bought tickets for tonightts show. after two years on the the run, the guy known as "the barefoot bandit" is finally arrest indeed the bahamas. a shoeless colton hhrris moooe arrived today, stepping off the plane in handcuffs. the 19-year old gained fame after his esccpe from a washington
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five american ssldiers are killed in five separate attacks in afghanistan. afghan militants are responsible for the death. it hhs become the deadliest year since the 2001 invasion. 23 americans ave been killed in afghanistan so far this mmnth. ♪
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we were saying how great the rain was yesterday. itt peally was just what we needed. >> it was a foreign sound. i was thinking to myself, we just heard the crunch -- and hen i just opened the windows to the rooms in the house and said, i
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see this high pressure sinking to the south and allowing for this oistuue off to the west to start to join us as we get down the road here. thunderstorms are scattered over southern michigan, indiana and illinois. the actiiity will continue to track our direction as this high loses its affect over thh mid-atlantic. we'll prooably get on-and-off thunderstorms. the future scan shows hat. dry conditions mainly for tte morning afternoon. look o the% west in western maryland by 2:00. we have showers and thunderstormm organizing. that will continne to move in throughhmonday afternoon and then as we gee in o tuesday, another roond possibly of showers. looks likk for the
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next couple of days -- looks like everybodiville a moment to 90 on the eastern shore. er. chances for showers nd thunderstorms. winds out of portion of the statt looking at much of the same. 9 degrees. we'll see a 30 percent chance for seeing showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. probably after 3:00 or 4:00. keep the uubrellas nearby. -pyou'll probably start your da off with sunglasses. 84 degrees. looking at chance for showers and thunderstorms % greater around 50 to 60 percent chance. looks like a little more possibillty in oakland ccunty. tonight looking at mainly-clear skies.. temperatures at 77 degrees. a calm wind. tomorrow we'll see sunshine in the mornnng. partly-cloudy skies in thee afternoon. a poteetial for a 30 percent chance of pop-up -pshowers and thunderssorms. look at each day here. on-and-off showers and thunderstorms throughout the
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week. temperatures will continue to stay in the lower 90s. 90 on tuessay. wednesday, 93 degreee. 94 on thursdaa. back in the lower iradar. jennifer? a busy time for maryland's caadidates for governor. former governor -- opens his montgomery county. governor o'malley rolls out his first tv ad. cutting $5 billlon in we have k the and government spending. >> his ad claims when he ttok office he inherited a big
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waiters at one restaurant go high-tech.. how a new device
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the people who walked these streets before us were just like you and me. with hopes. dreams. challenges. today, we do more than just walk the same streets. for a moment, we get to walk in their shoes. preparing us for what lies ahead. down our next road. be part of the story. colonial williamsburg.
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minnesota restaarant is going high-tech. the restaurant is using hann-held deeice to take ustomer orders. the restaurant's owner says he was looking forrways to be more efficient. hh cllims the devices allow his servers to spend ess time back and forth to the kitthen and mmre time with customers. >> anyytool to help streamline our business and make for betttr customer service is basically priceless to us. 3 1 >> all of the servers have to do is plug in the orders. it goes to thh kitchen or the bar. swipe customer's credit cards o right at table. 7-11 celebbates its 83rd
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slurpes.. customers at the e store in north baltimore enjoyed their free frozen treat today. stores acroos america and anada plan to serve up five million drinks before the day is done. 7-11 was founded in dallas back in 1927. from frozen drinks to fresh fruit, the 5th annual berry event is put on to howcase the many kinds of buries that grow in murder maryland. they taught the importance of buying produceedirectly from farmers. the orioles head in to baseball's all-star break with fo


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